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Chef Brian


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The Chef Services Brian offers is beyond any catering company.  He delivers the freshest, hand-selected ingredients from the markets directly to the client's kitchen and prepares the meals.  Chef Brian brings his unique service to clients who find a need in their life for delicious well prepared foods.

In Home Cooking Classes

Everything you've ever wanted to know about cooking can be answered... Finally!

Chef Brian will:

  • consult with you...
  • plan a menu for your evening meal or small event built around your needs and desires...
  • do all the shopping and bring you the groceries...
  • Instruct you and your guests with hands-on preparation tips & techniques...
  • Leave you and your guests with a variety of delicious foods and some new knowledge...  (Good idea to takes notes, write your own recipie notebook) 
Starting at $350

Personalized Instruction Courses

Hand-Crafted Cocktail Parties
Abundant amounts of hand-crafted appetizers, tapas and other international finger-foods...
Customized menus to fit your theme party or eclectic tastes.  Will "pair-up flavors" to fit with your selected wines and choice vinyards... 
Starting at $400


Restaurant Quality Cuisine
in your Home or Office
15-30 meals prepared in one day
Chef Brian will customize three menus every week for you, your family, and your guests...
With the 15-30 meals prepared in one day service option, Brian will plan and prepare enough food to last several days or longer if you freeze the portions.  The THREE Meals usually consist three-courses each (Entree,Vegetable, Starch), and each meal would feed a family of 3-6 lunch &/or dinner three times a week. Depending on your needs, that can be 30 meals or more if necessary...
Brian's complete Chef Service is everything you need to know in order to have incredible foods in your home all the time.... Really.
His services can include daily, weekly and semi-monthly visits --
Staring at $500

Brian Thompson - Personal Chef 
Cell phone # (702) 980-0490